Dovetail's Wood Shop is FSC Certified

We're FSC Certified.

Dovetail is proud to announce our wood shop is now FSC® Chain of Custody Certified. Cool, right? So, what is FSC? Why did we choose this certification? And what does this mean for you? Firstly, it means we back our values with actions. Environmental sustainability is one of our core values and we believe it’s important for you to have the option to choose wood products that support a healthy planet.

What is FSC?

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a non-governmental organization that sets environmental and social standards by which forests are managed and certified. It’s a voluntary program for landowners with best practices in forestry. FSC chain of custody certification verifies that materials are tracked from the forests where they are grown to the end user – us. 

Why FSC? 

Let’s look closer at FSC to see why it’s the gold standard of forest management and why we chose it for our certification. FSC is the only standard protecting rivers, lakes, and the animals that live in them from erosion and chemical runoff, and it’s the only standard prohibiting highly hazardous chemicals, such as Agent Orange. Additionally, FSC limits clear-cuts to ensure healthy forest ecology and is the only standard with requirements protecting rare and old growth forests. It also prevents converting biodiversity-rich forests into monoculture plantations. Lastly, FSC is the only standard protecting the customary rights and resources of indigenous people and local communities. We chose FSC because it has the highest environmental and social standards of any forest certification program.


What does this mean for your project?

Quality construction focuses on craftsmanship and details, but it’s also about high quality materials – especially in places where we connect with architecture – your walnut counter tops, your cedar front door, your ash dining table. Now that we have FSC products available, you can choose an entire casework package that’s environmentally and socially beneficial – this means your kitchen, closets, vanity, bookshelves, doors, ceiling, floors, and furniture can all be sourced from responsibly managed forests. So every time you open your front door, cook in your kitchen, or share a meal at your table you’ll know that your actions made a difference and your home is contributing to the long-term health of our forests and our planet.