Why We Build

Photo: Michael Burns / Lara Swimmer

Photo: Michael Burns / Lara Swimmer

Dovetail's mission is to build the best utilizing the finest craftsmanship with a commitment to impeccable quality, environmental sustainability, and lasting relationships.

For 26 years, Dovetail has been crafting fine residential and commercial buildings throughout the Puget Sound. We specialize in custom, complex, architecturally significant projects, with both a wood and metal shop to support bespoke designs. Our wood shop is FSC® Chain of Custody Certified to provide you with kitchens, casework, and furniture from responsibly managed forests. 

Dovetail has a reputation for capturing the soul of a space and we are well known for our traditional craftsmanship and carpentry, as well as our contemporary detailing and finishes. Our expertise ranges from large-scale foundation work, structural steel, and architectural concrete, to fine finish carpentry and custom furniture. Our diverse skills manifest in meaningful and memorable projects that define the character of the Northwest’s built environment.

We build because of you. Lasting relationships are our highest core value, carefully crafted through years of experience and our dedication to integrity, transparency, and open communication. We look forward to building with you.